Center for Iconographic Studies was established in 2010 as an academic center at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Rijeka.

Department of Art History in collaboration with the Study of Theology in Rijeka organized the first conference of iconographic studies in 2007 and thus started the idea of founding the center that will become the platform for experts from different disciplines in research and promotion of the interpretation of visual arts. The same year the journal of the iconographic studies IKON was launched as the annual publication of the Center.

Iconographic studies are organized as the interdisciplinary approach to the interpretation of visual arts.

The Center’s activities are:

1) establishing academic team and committee for the organization of iconographic studies
2) organization of the annual international conference of iconographic studies
a) IKON – Journal of Iconographic Studies
b) monographs, studies, data bases and other publications
c) e-publishing
3) organization of seminars, work-shops, lectures
4) projects – international networking
5) organization of summer courses, life-longe education
6) promotion of young scholars and students