Alexei Lidov: The Priesthood of the Virgin Mary as an Image Paradigm in Byzantine Visual Culture

Timothy Verdon: Mary in Western Art

Veronika Nela Gašpar: Mater misericordiae 

Maria Lidova: XAIPE MAPIA – Annunciation Imagery in the Making

Kristine Sabashvili: Early Images of the Mother of God in Georgian Art (5th-10th centuries)

Alessandro Tomei: Giotto’s Annunciation to the Virgin in Arena Chapel in Padua between East and West

Kayoko Ichikawa: Guido da Siena’s Coronation of the Virgin Thirteenth-Century Marian Devotion between East and West

Federica Volpera: Iconografia e devozione come aspetti della maniera greca Alcune osservazioni sulle differenti icone mariane presenti in un manoscritto francescano tardo duecentesco

Fuensanta Murcia Nicolás: The Byzantine Legacy in the Manuscripts Les Miracles de Nostre Dame by Gautier De Coinci

Stefania Paone: Apocalypse and Maternity The Mulier amicta sole in the Church of Santa Maria Donnaregina in Naples

Štefan Valášek: Iconography of the Virgin Mary in Medieval Wall Paintings in Ludrová–Kút in Slovakia

Saša Brajović – Milena Ulčar: Legends, Images and Miracles of the Virgin Mary in the Bay of Kotor in Early Modern Times

Valentina Živković: Satana in forma della Madonna – Serafino Razzi and the Dominican Observant Reform in Kotor

Ivana Čapeta Rakić – Giuseppe Capriotti: Two Marian Iconographic Themes in the Face of Islam on the Adriatic Coast in the Early Modern Period

Mauro Salis: The Virgin Hodegetria Iconography in the Crown of Aragon in the Early Modern Period Canons, Allotropies and Variants

Alessandra Galizzi Kroegel: The Altarpieces by Bernardo Zenale at the Getty and Denver Art Museums Two Case Studies for the Iconography of the Immaculate Conception

Yvonne Dohna Schlobitten: Madonna Sistina – Heidegger e la carità dell’immagine Iconografia mariana tra Occidente e Oriente

Elissa Auerbach: Domesticating the Virgin in Early Modern Netherlandish Art

Hannah Iterbeke: Cultivating Devotion – The Sixteenth-Century Enclosed Gardens of the Low Countries

Rosa Margarita Cacheda Barreiro: The Defence of Mary and the Triumph over Heresy in Post-Tridentine Images in Spain

Carme López Calderón: Emblematizing Mary Displayed Emblems to Elaborate on the Virgin’s Mediation in the Early Modern Period on Iberian Peninsula

Ana Cristina Sousa: The Image of the Immaculata as Patroness of Portugal and a Motif in Traditional Jewellery Pendants

Laura Stagno: Figurae Mariae Iconography of the Virgin and of Her Biblical Prefigurations in Early Modern Decorative Cycles in the Republic of Genoa

György E. Szönyi – Ildikó Sz. Kristóf: A Multimedial Cult of the Virgin Mary Created and Sponsored by the Hungarian Aristocrat Pál Esterházy (1635-1713)

Silvia Marin Barutcieff: The Flight into Egypt – Virgin Mary as Christ-Bearer – Iconographic Models in Romanian Mural Painting of 18th and 19th Centuries

Marco Bogade: Marian Columns in Central Europe as Media of Post-Tridentine Policy of Recatholisation

Benjamin Foudral: The Virgin Mary, Common Womenfolk The Perspective of Belgian and European Iconographic Revival in fin-de-siècle

Barbara Aniello: Alle soglie del suono-colore L’Assunzione di Previati e la musica sottratta

Karen von Veh: The Role of Beauty and Perfection in Marian Iconography Contemporary Responses to Controversial Images of Virgin Mary by Chris Ofili and Diane Victor

Jelena Erdeljan: A Contribution to the Study of Marian Piety and Related Aspects of Visual Culture in Late Medieval Balkans Several Notable Examples Recorded in Serbian Written Sources

Bertrand Cosnet: La Vierge aux Vertus Une fortune éphémère

Roksolana Kosiv: “Shelter of the World, More Spacious than a Cloud” Two Types of Iconography of Virgin Mother of Mercy in Western Ukrainian Icons on Canvas and Church Banners of the 1670–1730s

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