Yoni Ascher: The Drama of the Dead and the Living

Barbara Baert: The Head of Saint John the Baptist on a Platter. The Gaze of Death

Stefania Biancani: The impossible portrait: Death in the Visual Story of Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun

Aleksandra Bunčić: The Sarajevo Haggadah: Iconography of Death in Jewish Art and Tradition

Simona Cohen: Tempus Edax Rerum, Time and Demise of Human Achievement in Renaissance Allegory

Veronika Csikos: Styling the Dead: Tradition(s) of Making the Pontifical Tombstone in Angevin Hungary

Branislav Cvetković: The Living (and the) Dead: Imagery of Death in Byzantium and the Balkans

Yvonne zu Dohna: Rothko and the New Experience of Death

Ekaterina Endoltseva: Image of Afterlife in Medieval Plastic Art of Abkhazia

Ivan Gerat: Dying Again and Again – Remarks on the Legend of Saint George in Jindřichŭv Hradec (Neuhaus)

Nataša Golob: Charterhouse Readings: A Dialogue between the Soul and the Body

Lasse Hodne: Masaccio’s Skeleton and the Petrarchan Concept of Time

Ana Kaniški: Two Examples of Allegorical Figure of Death as a Skeleton in the Northwest Croatian Art

Marijana Kovačević: The Omnipresent Death in the Iconography of Saint Simeon’s Shrine in Zadar

Dubravko Lovrenović: Bosnian “School Of Death”: Interconfessionality of Stećci

Bartłomiej Łyczak: The Coffin Portrait and Celebration of Death in Polish – Lithuanian Commonwealth in the Modern Period

Dino Milinović: OΥΔEIΣ AΘANATOΣ: Images Surrounding the Dead in Late Antiquity (Some Examples from Salona in Dalmatia)

Ana Munk: Somatic Treasures: Function and Reception of Effigies on Holy Tombs in Fourteenth Century Venice

Xenia Muratova: The Death and the Book

Barbara Peklar: The Heroic Death Under the Walls of Troy: Before and After Christ

Danijel Premerl: The Meaning of Emperor Francis I’s Funeral in Bologna

Ivana Prijatelj Pavičić: On the Miniatures in the Transcript of Purgatory of St Patrick in the Bucchia (Buća) Codex from 1466

Svetlana Smolčić Makuljević: Death in the Medieval Visual Culture of the Balkans

Pavel Stefanov: The Toll-Houses Myth in Religion, Folklore, Literature and Arts

Béla Zsolt Szakács: From Passing to the Tomb: Images from the Hungarian Angevin Legendary

Nicoletta Usai: A Pictorial Episode from the 14th Century in Sardinia: the Three Living and the Three Dead in the Church of Nostra Signora de Sos Regnos Altos in Bosi

Rebeka Vidrih: Death as the Murder and the Void, and How to Remember It. Libeskind’s museum and Eisenman’s memorial in Berlin.

Tomislav Vignjević: The Tree of Estates and Death in the Art of the Early Modern Period

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