Michael Ann Holly: Iconology and the Phenomenological Imagination

Colum P. Hourihane: Iconography at the Crossroads Revisited

W. J. T. Mitchell: Four Fundamental Concepts of Image Science

Isabella Woldt: The Operating Principle of Picture Series Aby Warburg’s Theory of the Function of Image Memory and the Renaissance Festival’s Pictures

Rebeka Vidrih: Misconceptions and Misrepresentations of Aby Warburg‘s Art History

Elisa Coletta: From the Image to the Painting – the Image within the Painting Analysis of the Two Lines of Inquiry Suggested by Hubert Damisch for Iconology

György E. Szönyi: The Mediality of Culture – Theories of Cultural Representations

Aleksandar Mijatović: Man Cut in Two – Virtual and Surreal in Bergson’s and Breton’s Notion of Image

Alexei Lidov: The Temple Veil as a Spatial Icon Revealing an Image-Paradigm of Medieval Iconography and Hierotopy

Emma Sidgwick: Radiant Remnants Late Antique Strigillation and Productive Dunamis/Energeia

Péter Bokody: After Paradigm Iconography and Giotto

Andrei Pop: Iconology and the Logic of Belief A Case Study of Anselm’s Chapel in Canterbury

Claudia Cieri Via: About the New Iconology The Geology of Images – Looking at Mantegna’s Work

Giuseppe Capriotti – Valentina Živković: The Gap between Text, Image and Ritual as an Iconological Problem – Two Examples from the Adriatic Coast

Ivana Prijatelj Pavičić: Truth and Misconceptions Concerning the Reception of Antiquity in 15th Century Trogir Humanism

Yvonne zu Dohna: The Mystical of the Sublime The Experience of Salvation in Michelangelo’s Last Judgement

Alessandro Rossi: Media and Methodological Nesting Two Theoretical Paintings by Lorenzo Lotto

Yoni Ascher: Bruegel‘s Plowman and the Fall of Art Historians

Frédérique Dubard de Gaillarbois: Elisabetta Sirani’s Porcia Wounding Her Thigh (1664) A Piece of Mute Eloquence or a Meta-Painting?

Laura Stagno: The Status of Art in a Vanitas Perspective Case Studies in Genoese Painting

Christine Moisan-Jabłońska: The Indirect Comparative Method An Attempt at Trying to Find a Path between the Scylla of Iconography and the Charybdis of the History of Religious Mentality

Romana Rupiewicz: Between the Image and the Word Research Methods Applied to the Study of the Depictions of Iudicium Sanguinarium Iudaeorum contra Jesum Christum Salvatorem Mundi

Tony Seaton: Didron and the Hand Maidens of Iconography in Nineteenth Century Britain

Martin Germ: Saltus Mortis in Valvasor’s Theatrum Mortis Humanae Tripartitum. A Copy of Holbein’s Dance of Death?

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