Rosa Alcoy: Poor Clares, Monarchy and Franciscans in the Chapel of Saint Michael in the Convent in Pedralbes and Beyond

Barbara Baert: Who touched my clothes? The Healing of a Woman with a Flow of Blood Within Text, Image and Taboo in the Visual Culture of the Early Middle Ages

Xavier Barral i Altet: Saint Francis and Innocent III in Assisi – Some Observations on the Franciscan Iconography and the Mission of Evangelisation

Pere Beseran: From Window to Sepulcher – Franciscan Iconography in Catalonia (13th to 14th century)

Stefania Biancani: Facets of Franciscan Iconography in Salento

Adam Jan Błachut: The Scene of the Stigmatization of Saint Francis of Assisi in the Guidelines for Iconography of Altars in Reformed Church in Poland

Milvia Bolatti: Another Image of Gloria – Saint Francis of Montefalco

Constanza Cipollaro: Franciscan Preaching Tradition in Italian Painting of the Thirteenth Century

Roberto Cobianchi: Annotations and Additions to the Iconographic Corpus of Blessed Michele Carcano from Milan – Observant Franciscan Preacher

Simona Cohen: The Animal Triad of Capital Sins in Franciscan Iconography

Donald Cooper: “Love not the World” – Saint Francis as an Alter Christus in Late Medieval Italian Painting

Branislav Cvetković: Franciscans and Medieval Serbia – the Evidence of Art

Sanja Cvetnić: The Painting of Gian Antonio Guardi Return of Holy Family from Temple with Saint Anthony of Padua and Post-Tridentine Iconography in the Ottoman Bosnia

Ivana Čapeta: The Iconography of the Madonna of the Polyptych by Girolamo da Santa Croce in the Franciscan Church on the Island of Košljun

Claudia D’Alberto: Puccio Capanna in the Oratory of Confraternity of Flagellants of San Rufino – An Example of the 14th Century Assisi

Yvonne zu Dohna: Penance of Mary Magdalene – Genesis of Franciscan Iconography

Igor Fisković: The Earliest Representations of St Francis in Southern Croatia

Holly Flora: Empathy and Performative Vision in Oxford Corpus Christi College MS 410

Ivan Gerat: Meeting the Ultimate Friend – Visions and Auditions in the Images of Dying St Francis and St Elisabeth

Petr Hlaváček: The Servants of Antichrist – the Denouncement of Franciscans on the Utraquist (Hussite) Pictures in Jena Codex (Bohemia, Around 1490-1510)

Emanuel Hoško: Origins and influence of the artistic vocabulary in the Croatian Franciscan Province of Saints Cyril and Methodius

Rūta Janonienė: Ideas of Franciscan Observancy in the Wall Paintings of the Church of Sts Francis and Bernardino in Vilnius at the Beginning of the Sixteenth Century

Dalia Klajumienė: The Expression of the Way of the Cross in the Former Churchyard of the Bernardine Ensemble in Tytuvėnai

Marijana Kovačević: St Louis of Toulouse in the Context of Franciscan Iconography on the Portal of St Francis’ Church in Ancona

Vinni Lucherini: Kingship and Iconography in the Franciscan Convent of Santa Chiara in Naples – Christ on Throne in the Chapter House

Xenia Muratova: The Illuminated Bestiaries in the English Franciscan Culture

Andrea Pala: Wooden Crucifix of Nicodemus in Oristano – a Model of Franciscan Iconography in Sardinia

Heinrich Pfeiffer: Some Examples of Franciscan Art and Architecture in Mexico

Ivana Prijatelj Pavičić: Contribution to Research of Altarpieces by Baldassare d’Anna in Franciscan Convents of Dalmatia, Kvarner and Bosnia

Béla Zsolt Szakács: The Fresco Cycle of the Holy Virgin in the Franciscan Church of Keszthely

Xavier John Seubert: Francis of Assisi in the World of Cranach

Alessandro Simbeni: Decoration in Fourteenth Century Apsidal Chapel of San Francesco in Udine

Alessandro Tomei: The Artistic Patronage of Nicholas IV, the First Franciscan Pope

Nicoletta Usai: The Polyptych of Ottana – the Life of Saint Francis on a Painted Panel of the Fourteenth Century

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