Barbara Baert: “Gender”, Visions and Senses – New Contributions to the Tabernacle of Beato Chiarito in J. Paul Getty Museum

Michelle P. Brown: Visons and Eremitic Vocation in the “Deserts” of the North. The Iconography of Insular Hagiography

Ivana Čapeta Rakić: The Vision of the Dominican Monk Lorenzo della Grotteria and Echoes of the Iconography of the Miracle of Soriano in Dalmatia

Giuseppe Capriotti: Visions, Mental Images, Real Pictures. The Mystical Experience and the Artistic Patronage of Sister Battista da Varano

Gaetano Curzi: Multiple Visions at Santa Maria del Casale in Brindisi. Art, Politics and Devotion in the Principality of Taranto

Branislav Cvetković: Vision of the Heavenly City in Jošanica Monastery

Dominic E. Delarue: Viri Dei – Visions, Apparitions and Miracles in the Late Medieval Painted Cycles of Saints Judoc, Anthony and Benedict

Yvonne zu Dohna: The Aesthetics of Spirituality. The Influence of Ignatius and Luther on Caravaggio’s and Rembrandt’s Painting of St Matthew and the Angel

Veronika Nela Gašpar: Marian Apparitions in Our Time – the Meaning and Criteria for Discernment in Theology

Ivan Gerat: Visions and the Image of Ecclesiastical Dignitaries in the Pre-Reformation Period

Ludovico V. Geymonat: A 13th Century Drawing for a Pictorial Program on the Apocalypse

Lasse Hodne: Omnivoyance and Omnipresence. Word and Vision According to Nicholas of Cusa and Jan van Eyck

Davide Longhi: The Cosmic Cross as Logos’ Theophany: First Version of Sant’Apollinare in Classe’s Apsidal Mosaic and Jerusalem’s Staurophany of AD 351

Karen McCluskey: Miraculous Visions: Apparitio in the Vitae of Mediaeval Venetian Saints and Beati

Giedrė Mickūnaitė: Maniera Graeca in Europe’s Catholic East. Representation, Imagination and Tradition: A Case Study of the Parish Church of Trakai in Lithuania

Lado Mirianashvili: Non-Traditional Iconography of The Hospitality of Abraham from the Refectory of Udabno Monastery in Davit-Gareji, Georgia

Ana Munk: Visions of Beatitude in Santa Maria Novella’s Paradise – The Ultimate Goal of Human Endeavor in Monastic Tradition and Dominican Thought

Janet Robson: Bonaventure’s “Visions of the Cross” in the Saint Francis Cycle at Assisi

Marianne Sághy: Hungarians in Hell – The Visions of Laurentius de Tar

Meliha Teparić: Islamic Calligraphy and Visions

Sarah Timme: The Sight of the Seeress – Norse Prophecies in 18th and 19th Century Art

Rostislava Todorova: Visualizing the Divine – Mandorla as a Vision of God in Byzantine Iconography

Alessandro Tomei: The Panels of the Stuttgart Apocalypse and Other Angevin Visions

Zora Žbontar: Visions in Dreams in Antiquity and the Middle Ages

Valentina Živković: Visions of the Blessed Osanna of Kotor (Cattaro)

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