Barbara Baert: The Antependium of Nedstryn and the Exultation of the Cross

Xavier Barral i Altet: Edward rex – Architectural Context in the First Scene of The Bayeux Tapestry

Peter Bokody: Secularization and Realistic Turn in Italy. Antonio Fissiraga’s Funerary Monument in Lodi

Stefania Biancani: When a Queen Sets Down the Crown and Goes into the Garden. Some Observations on the Portrait of a Queen – from Marie Antoinette to the Windsors – and on the Legacy of Elisabeth Vigee Le Brun

Dubravka Botica: Iconography of the Holy King Ladislaus in Zagreb Diocese in Late 17th and Early 18th Century. New Reading of the Past in Central European Context

Iva Brusić: Antonio Vinciguerra – the Ideological Initiator of the Venetian Appearance of the City of Krk

Maja Cepetić – Danko Dujmović: St Peter at Novo Mesto Zelinsko.New Iconography for Claiming Political Continuity

Laura Cleaver: Kings Behaving Badly: Images of Rulers in Gerald of Wales’ Works on Ireland (c.1200)

Branislav Cvetković: Sovereign Portraits at Mark’s Monastery Revisited

Isabel Escandell Proust: The Illuminated Codex Book of Franchises and Privileges of the Kingdom of Majorca (Arxiu del Regne de Mallorca, cod.1). Portraits of the King under His Subjects’ Gaze

Igor Fisković: How to Identify a King on a Relief with Royal Iconography of the 11th Century

Vladimir P. Goss: Political Iconography: Poster, Icon, Badge. An Introductory Note

Lex Hermans: Dynastic Pride in the Farnese Theatre at Parma

Olga Karaskova: Saint Bavo in the Service of Burgundian Heritage: Philip the Handsome and Political Propaganda

Davide Longhi: Kingship of Christ and Kingship of Teodoric in the Mosaics of the Church of Sant’ Apollinare Nuovo in Ravenna

Dino Milinović: Writing History, Shaping Images in Later Roman Empire

Galit Noga-Banai: Between Rome and Jerusalem: The Cross at the Center of a Herrscherbild Composition

Pedro Paulo Palazzo: Architecture as Portrait: Exotism and Royal Character of the Louvre

Milan Pelc: The Kaiser and His Spouses. Marriage and Political Propaganda on the Illustrated Broadsheets During the Reign of Leopold I (1658-1705): Examples from the Valvasor Collection in Zagreb

Marianne Sághy: Veste Regia Indutus. Representations of The Emperor in The Vita Martini

Marta Serrano Coll: Art as a Means of Legitimization in the Kingdom of Aragon: Coronation Problems and Their Artistic Echos During the Reigns of James I and Peter IV

Robert Simonišek: The Monarchic Cult of the Emperor Franz Jozeph I in the Slovenian Art and Literature

György E. Szönyi: Concepts and Representations of Sovereignty on the English Renaissance Emblematic Stage

Steven Thiry: From Royal Representation to Scientific Aspiration. Charles V’ Columnar Deviceand the Dynamics of Appropriation

Marko Špikić: Titus Novus: Emperor Francis I’s Iconography of Power and Its Reception in Croatia and Dalmatia

Devis Valenti: The Iconography of Imperial Power: Charlemagne as a New Constantine

Olga Vassilieva-Codognet: The Iconography of the Last World Emperor. A Study of a Late Fifteenth-Century Prophetic Image

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