LUP training
Looking, Understanding and Presenting

Grundtvig training database: HR-2013-1005-003

The duration of the course is 7 days.

The course location is in the center of Rijeka, with access to several great outdoor areas in the nearby surroundings.

The course consists of lectures, classroom instruction,workshops, study trips, hands-on learning, discussions, as well as exchange of ideas in order to achieve maximum gain for the participants. An interactive approach is adopted to encourage participation and discussion in order to further reinforce understanding and tap into the participants’ potential and experience. Course content and approach are highly informative and stimulating and aim to enhance presentation skills as well as the knowledge of reading the often hidden symbols of an environment and works of art in general. The course will be delivered by renown experts – university professors, psychologist and practitioners of the topics discussed.

Each day of the course is divided in two parts, morning session and afternoon session. Furthermore, each day be dedicated to a certain topic or field.
The sessions will consist of indoors lectures, workshops and discussions with overview of theories, best practices and examples of Looking, Understanding and Presenting.
Furthermore, the lectures will be followed by workshops, hands-on learning and activities, where we will employ experience gained from the lectures, creating a comprehensive understanding and ability to utilize the tools and means provided.

1. providing fresh ideas and techniques for improving presentation skills based on the visual art
2. implementing new methods in teaching, guiding and tutoring
3. learning how to look at, analyze, and describe works of visual art
4. informing about visual culture and learning how to present it in relation to local and regional cultural heritage
5. offering new methods in dealing with stage fright and adapting content to different target groups in various environments
6. Introducing and exercising e-learning methods (i.e. using web material and web information)
7. providing methodology for long-life learning
8. encouraging collaborative, team work.
9. inspiring participants to use various learner-centered methods and approaches in their classrooms

At the end of the course the participants will receive a certificate of attendance including description of training content and time input

Session 1: 07/07/2013 – 13/07/2013