Iconology Old and New – Announcement

September 2012, ANNOUNCEMENT
Center for Iconographic Studies, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences University of Rijeka
The School of History and Pasts Inc. of Central European University, Budapest
The Cultural Iconology and Semiography Research Group, University of Szeged

Transregional Conference on the Move – Croatia and Hungary, 2013

Organizers: Marina Vicelja (Rijeka), Attila Kiss (Szeged) and
György E. Szönyi (Szeged and Budapest)
in association with:

Barbara Baert (Leuven)
Nadia al-Baghdadi (Budapest)
Colum Hourihane (Princeton)

Part One: May 23-24 (Thursday-Friday) – University of RIJEKA
Seventh International Conference of Iconographic Studies – Iconology at the Crossroads
Invited keynote speakers: Xavier Barral i Altet (Venice), Hans Belting (Karlsruhe), Michael Ann Holly (Williamstown USA), Colum Hourihane (Princeton), Bianca Kühnel (Jerusalem), Alexei Lidow (Moscow)

Part Two: May 28-29 (Tuesday-Wednesday) – CEU, BUDAPEST
Current Theoretical Interfaces: Iconicity, Semiotics, Historicity
Invited keynote speakers: Massimo Leone (Torino), WJT Mitchell (Chicago), Roland Posner (Berlin)

Part Three: May 29-31 (Wednesday evening-Friday) – University of SZEGED
European Iconology East &West 5: Cultural Imageries of Body and Soul – Intermedial Representations of the Corporeal, the Psychic and the Spiritual
Invited keynote speakers: Barbara Baert (Leuven), Ivan Gerat (Bratislava), Marina Warner (Essex; NYU, Abu Dhabi), Rowland Wymer (Cambridge)

Each part is independent, applicants can join them separately or in combination.
Send your application 1/ indicating your name and affiliation; 2/ with an abstract of max. 150 words to

Marina Vicelja for the Rijeka part and to György E. Szönyi for the Budapest and Szeged programs.

First application deadline is 1 December 2012, however early contacts are most encouraged.
Continuously updated information will be available on the conference website:


Fifth volume of IKON – Journal for Iconographic Studies was published in May, 2012
Find out more on the following link:

Call for the Conference

Center for Iconographic Studies, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences University of Rijeka
Department of Art History, Iconology Research Group, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Institute of English Studies, SAS, University of London
are pleased to announce the call for the

Sixth International Conference of Iconographic Studies


Rijeka, 30 May – 1 June, 2012

This conference seeks to encourage interdisciplinary dialogue as well as to continue the cycle of sessions for scholarly discourse on significant subjects in iconographic studies. The conference presentations will deal with different subjects concerning “visions” with an emphasis upon the relation between mysticism and art in the European Middle Ages (other periods in Art history are included as well).

The themes and subjects for discussion are as follows:

– concepts of visions
– semantics of vision
– visions in the Old Testament
– visions in the Book of Revelation
– visions of the medieval mystics
– Christian mysticism between theory and practice
– visions and political theory
– visions and eternity
– visions and the visual arts
– visions “materialized” in different media

One of the objectives is to inform scholars, students and others interested in the field, of recent research developments in studies in iconography. The conference papers will deal with methodological approaches within iconography and iconology – new methods, new concepts and new scholarship stress the need for interdisciplinary approaches in research which are resulting in altered interpretations of the meaning of images.

Paper proposals should be submitted to:

Iva Brusic or by e-mail to: cis@ffri.hr
Department of Art History
Faculty of Arts and Science
University of Rijeka
S. Krautzeka bb
51 000 Rijeka
phone: +385 51 265776

A paper proposal comprises:
1. full name, address, phone number(s), e-mail address
2. title
3. abstract (maximum 2 pages)

December 30, 2011

The Organizers cover all accomodation costs during the conference.
Travel expenses ARE NOT COVERED.

Please contact us for any additional information.